Haiku is largely a project about bringing people together through minimalism and creativity. As our name suggests, we take a lot of inspiration from haiku poetry. These poems– these tiny fractals of detail and emotion– can pack the story of a novel into just a few words. We asked our community on Instagram to submit original poetry for our first community capsule around the theme of ice. 

Though many of us find ourselves in the scorching heat of summer, ice has never been more topical. The ice caps are melting, much at the hands of issues such as the air conditioning we use to cool ourselves down. Ice is also a stunning feature of our planet. Many writers and artists throughout history have taken inspiration from stunning geographical features like icebergs and glaciers. Ice– the inherently minimal property of frozen water– is being melted by our planet’s ever-growing carbon footprint. 

The various poems reference the theme of ice from many different angles. We hope this project has helped bring our growing community together, and we look forward to future collaborations down the road.

And here are our haiku!

—– ——- —–

Each drop of water,

A transformation occurs

The ice is dying


—– ——- —–


Slip. slide, powder, deadly, smooth

Castles made of glass


—– ——- —–

Blistering heat wave

Time moves at a glacial pace.

Frosted beer glasses


—– ——- —–

Frozen landscape,

Sumi ink drips down the day,

Mountain’s winter face


—– ——- —–

Winter chills–

I found something

To hold onto…


—– ——- —–

Frigid winter nights

Find me following fractals

Into the abyss


—– ——- —–

Icy winter morns:

Lonesome snowflakes melt away

Into tea for two.


—– ——- —–

Watch the waning moon–

Ice in a warm cup of sky

Ghost pines bear witness 


—– ——- —–

Our whole, distinct selves

Had greater power than this

Thawed, fused, squandered, spill


—– ——- —–

You left, putting my heart on fire

But it was on the table with mist around

Ice cold beer, waiting to slip inside me.

I smoked a cigar that day


—– ——- —–

Oxygen escapes

Earth, forever altered with

Glacial momentum


—– ——- —–

A heart as cold as ice

That belongs to your dark soul

I won’t go back to you twice


—– ——- —–

Your voice sends shivers down my spine

A tune as cold as ice

A poison made entirely of moonshine


—– ——- —–

You’re misunderstood.

They believe you are frigid,

But… warmth melts your core


—– ——- —–

Your voice transplants me

To frigid winter flurries,

Fleeting as the night


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